Mac OS X Trash Recovery: Best Way to Recover Emptied Trash Mac

Any file which is deleted from the Mac OS X get stored in the trash. Trash is a storage for deleted files or folders. Along with the deleted files it also stores details like deletion date, file size, file location etc. Any files stored in the trash can be viewed, edit, restored or deleted permanently. But sometimes accidentally people empty the trash bin too but when they later on search for the deleted file they realizes that it contain some of their important files too. Hence Mac user get worried a lot as nobody want to lose any of their important files.

In Mac when a file is deleted, the file does not get actually deleted forever. It still remains there only the pointer get deleted from the file allocation. Hence the file is still present in the hard drive and can be easily restored if required. Though if a backup is available, then there is no need to worry. But in case no backup is available, there arises an immediate need of Mac OS X Trash Recovery before the file get permanently deleted.


What to Do Then: Use Mac Trash Recovery Software

If you have emptied your trash bin and immediately need to recover the files stored in trash, Mac trash recovery software would help you out in recovery of lost files from the emptied trash bin. Its advanced features help in easy retrieval of deleted files from the Mac OS X. It also create backup of the files too. The software scans the entire Mac hard drive and search for the deleted files. Moreover it also displays preview of the file before recovery process starts up. One also get option to save their recovered files in the location as desired. Mac trash recovery software is available in both demo as well as licensed version. User can easily download its demo version to get back their deleted files from the trash but to restore their file, its licensed version should be purchased.

User Guide: How to Use Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and install Mac trash recovery. Then select the Start Scan button in order to retrieve your deleted pictures from your Mac system.

Step 2: The software also gives you option to select advance scanning option to customize trash recovery.

Step 3: It also allow user to have preview of the pictures before recovery process starts up. It also display the list of all file types in order to recover them.

Step 4: You can also select a single file as well the entire file to recover photo. The start the scanning process to restore all the deleted trashed pictures.

Step 5:When scanning process completes over, all the list of recovered photos appears as preview.

Step 6: Then select a specific location to save your recovered photos in your desired location.


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