Mac Photo Recovery: How to Repair Corrupted iPhoto Library

apple_iphoto_11_710253_g2Unable to access or load pictures from iPhoto Library? Searching options to repair corrupted iPhoto Library? If yes then don’t worry, your are at the right place here to get all the useful information regarding the same. iPhoto is an amazing photo storage and editing application for Macintosh Operating systems. It stores and manage all your precious pictures significantly and allows to edit the existing files with its various remarkable features. But beside all its impressive features and reliability there are still some possibility of data loss. Sometimes it has been found that under certain circumstances iPhoto Library gets corrupted and all the existing files become unexpectedly inaccessible. There are numerous possible factors which can leads the users to this type unfortunate picture loss scenario. Some of the most common causes of corruption in iPhoto Library has been discussed bellow take a look.


Causes of corruption in iPhoto Library

  • Abrupt termination of system or iPhoto application
  • Due to Operating system malfunctioning
  • Any hardware or software issue
  • Infection of any Malware program
  • Deleted or missing file system
  • Any kind of corruption in catalog records

How to Repair Corrupted iPhoto Library:

iPhoto application comes with an inbuilt rebuild option in order to deal with any type of minor corruption issue. You can use this option in order to rebuild your corrupted or damaged iPhoto library. But in case if it fails to resolve the problem then in such situation you can take the help of third party iPhoto Recovery Software. It is very effective and able to repair and recover any lost, deleted or corrupted iPhoto pictures. It can even repair the severely corrupted iPhoto Library quite easily. It has number of effective features which enables then users to rescue all lost files safely from iPhoto Library. It provides very easy and interactive graphical interface. Therefore it is recommended to use iPhoto Recovery Software in order to repair corrupted iPhoto Library.

Significant Features of iPhoto Recovery Software:

  • Very effective and easy to understand
  • Provides just few simple recovery steps
  • Allows selective recovery for lost photos
  • Shows the preview of all recovered pictures
  • Restores the files on users selected location

User Guide: How to Use iPhoto Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch the application on your system and then click on scan button.

Step 2: Now select the volume from where your pictures gets lost.

Step 3: Now click to start scan button to start the scanning process.

Step 4: Here you see can the scan results, and choose the files for recovery.

Step 5: Now you can see the preview of recovered photos will be shown to you.

Step 6: At last select the location to restore your photos.


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