Undelete Photos from Photo Booth Conveniently

If you are looking to get back pictures from Photo Booth then you come at the right place. No doubt Photo Booth is fantastic utility which offers to take photos as well as video clips through its iSight camera. Apart from there are other functionalities including import, mail and adding special effects. Despite these features in some scenarios user might have to face deletion of images because of different reasons. You must know how bad it feels after losing important images. But losing images does not mean that it cannot be recovered. It is possible to undelete photos from photo booth. But before diving to recovery process you should know why people lose the access of their stored images from photo booth which are mentioned as follows.

  • Deletion of pictures during preview.
  • Due to upgrading photo booth.
  • Application malfunction.
  • Interruption when transferring file etc.

undelete photos from photo booth                            undelete photos from photo booth

Is it Possible to Recover Images from Photo Booth Manually

Well, after losing pictures you can try manual steps for restoring it. Type the command on the Mac computer which is given below.


But this above way of restoring has limitation such as the recovery of lost image can be performed when the deletion takes place by using “x” button of the application. Therefore once you fail to restore the images through this measure and if you do not have the adequate backup then it is recommended to use third party tool to recover deleted photos from photo booth.

Best Solution for Photo Booth Recovery

Well, after losing pictures you can able to perform recovery with Mac Photo Recovery Software. This is the effective tool for restoring deleted, lost or damaged pictures in effective manner. The tool is embedded with cutting edge scan algorithm for scanning of lost images. It recovers the missing picture in its format. The tool has remarkable features which makes the recovery so efficient. It is all in one solution to retrieve lost picture from photo booth.

Steps to Recover Picture from Photo Booth

Step 1 : You need to download & install Mac Photo Recovery Software first.

 Undelete Photos from Photo Booth

Step 2 : Then choose the volume for recovery.

 Undelete Photos from Photo Booth

Step 3 : Now select the file types and click at start scan.

 Undelete Photos from Photo Booth

Step 4 : You can see the scan result by preview.

 Undelete Photos from Photo Booth

Step 5 : At last, choose the location for restoring of recovered files.

 Undelete Photos from Photo Booth         undelete photos from photo booth                          undelete photos from photo booth

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